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J. F. Somers, The Netherlands

I was introduced to Linda and Raymand of Kam ma leather garments workshop by a friend and had a chance to visit their workshop and witnessed how they produced their jackets. There and then I was captivated by the way in which they worked and the passion Raymand has for leather. Within 5 minutes I selected the style of jacket I wanted and the measurement process started. On the next day I went for the fitting and had a relaxed discussion with both of them about the trim details. I then left Hong Kong and recieved regular updates from them about the process. 3 weeks later I recieved a custom made James Dean black motorcycle jacket in the mail. Coolio!

Fiona, HK

感謝Kam Ma Leather的出品在這個冬天陪着我!

幾個月前在網上找到Kam Ma Leather,便到他們的工作場一試,Bonnie 同Linda都熱情招待,有傾有講,除了介紹不同皮衣的款式外,還教我怎樣的剪裁可再令我穿起來瘦一點!

Kam Ma Leather 有很多不同質地的皮革和顏色選擇,花裡亦有不同款色,拉鍊也有很多種,可以慢慢襯到合心水為止!
大約一個月左右,師傅會照款做一件Mock-up給我試,長、短、大、小、款式、Mock-up 後還可以再改到合身合心。

所謂「慢工出細貨」,多謝經驗老到的師傅幫我造了一件獨一無二的皮褸!剛好這個冬天不太冷,它就陪伴我整個冬天,而且越穿越軟!我給Kam Ma Leather一百個like!

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