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You may wonder what “Kam Ma” in our name stands for. It is actually the Cantonese phonics/pingyin of the Traditional Chinese characters “金馬” we use in Hong Kong.


“Kam” in Cantonese means gold by itself. It also symbolizes the idea of “distinguished”, “precious”, “rare”, “lasting”, “strong”, etc.

“Ma” means “horse”, at the same time it is also a surname; in fact, Raymand’s surname. A famous Chinese saying “馬到功成” (“ma dou sing gung”), implies “success”.


In short, the couple chose “Kam Ma” as the workshop’s name in 1993  due to their ambition to establish one of the most distinguished and successful leather garment workshop. We did not think of developing another English name as we believe the Chinese characters and the meaning behind, is something to be shared worldwide, just like the garment making skills.


The design of our logo is greatly related to our brand name. “Kam” by itself is the Chinese character of the colour “gold”. “Ma” is the character of a “horse”, and is the surname of the founder couple. Our logo is represented by a golden horse illustration, which explains our brand name and implies success.

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