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排除萬難,手捲煙在2020年開拍, 並榮獲金馬獎7項提名。雖然最後落空,但已令本土牌支持者興奮莫名。一如以往,金馬有幸為主角做度身訂製皮褸。今次服裝指導為林家棟先生選擇了一件石磨牛皮做成,經典而簡約的款式。戲中的關超著得件褸超有型,勁有魅力!

雖然一般牛皮係比羊皮耐用,但面對大動作場面,我哋亦要多做幾件 - 除咗怕件褸會破損之外,亦要為替身準備。服指當然不夠主角們吸晴,但好的戲服真係好重要呢!


Despite the difficulties posed by the year 2020, Hand Rolled Cigarette was shot and nominated for 7 Golden Horse Awards. Although it did not win any prizes in the end, it was exciting and encouraged the local fans. Kam Ma was fortunate enough to contribute to the film by creating a bespoke Stone Ground Cowhide jacket for Mr. Gordon Lam Ka-Tung. The stylist has chosen a simple yet stylish design for Kwan Chiu. With the jacket on, he was cool and glamorous at the same time.

Although cowhide is more durable than lambskin, Kam Ma prepared several backup pieces in preparation for the action scenes in the film. Costume stylists don't get the attention that leading actors do, but the costume itself certainly plays a vital role in amplifying their performance.

In reality, we are all our own main character in our journey and deserve to have something unique to reflect our own character. A bespoke leather jacket is undoubtedly a good choice - one that is MADE IN HONG KONG by Kam Ma is versatile, unique, and eye-catching. Most importantly, the jacket's charm increases with age.


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