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對人手製作皮褸有興趣的你們,隨時可以聯絡金馬。其實每一位客人,也是金馬故事的一部份;金馬亦好希望聆聽你們做每一件皮褸背後的故事。 The recent film, Raging Fire (Nou Fo) is the work of the deceased Mr. Benny Chan. Benny and one of the main characters Nicholas Tse, have previously collaborated on many a film. Nicholas explains that in recent years he has been paying attention to his career on cooking talent, because he has been waiting for a true Hong Kong action film to star in. As we understand it, the entire Raging Fire is almost 100% locally produced, from the actors to the scenes.

Kam Ma has provided many costumes as part of Nicholas’s acting career, but these two suede vests were ordered by him and his personal stylist. At the time, they were situated in Mainland China with many options for tailors, but they chose Kam Ma as they believed in the 100% “Made in Hong Kong” label. Kam Ma was able to complete the two vests in a short period of time.

Similar to Hong Kong action movies, handcrafted leather garments have changed drastically for the worse, having fallen off from its peak a long time ago and with no next generation to carry on the torch. In order to find new successors, Kam Ma has undergone many changes: 2021 is Kam Ma’s third year of offering internships, hoping that through this process both Kam Ma and the interns can learn from one another; and thus contribute to society.

For those interested in handcrafted leather jackets, please feel free to further enquire with Kam Ma! Every customer is part of Kam Ma’s story, and we wish to hear the story behind your jackets.


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