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Introduction of Special Leather 特別皮革介紹

Introducing to you our most commonly used special materials:


(1) Ostrich: Ostrich leather is soft but strong. A unique water droplet like pattern is left on the leather surface due to removal of feathers. This pattern spreads only 40% of the whole leather piece, making it extra special.

(1) 鴕鳥:鴕鳥皮輕柔又強韌。表面上因去除羽毛而留下獨特的突起水滴紋,只佔全體40%,尤其珍貴。

(2) Crocodile: Crocodile leather is rather high end among all reptile leather. Its most distinctive feature is the unique scaly lines on different parts of the skin.

(2) 鱷魚:鱷魚皮是爬蟲類革的高級品。最大特色在於表面上的獨特鱗狀紋路,依不同部位呈現相異紋路。

(3) Python: Python leather comes mostly from snakes with over 7 meters long. Python leather is thin and flexible, characterized by its wild markings and scaly lines.

(3) 蛇皮:蛇皮大多來自7公尺以上的大蛇。蛇皮薄而具伸縮性,特徵是它充滿野性的斑紋及鱗狀紋。

(4) Perforated Leather: Perforated leather is one of the specially treated leathers. Originally used for vehicles, this leather is now used in clothing due to its significantly increased breath-ability by holes.

(4) 穿孔:穿孔皮革是經特別處理的皮革之一,皮革表面上的孔令透氣性顯著提高。本來這款皮革較常運用於車輛,現也適合用來造衣。

We select genuine leather from Italy and Spain. Welcome to browse our available materials here:



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