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In the movie "Hand Rolled Cigarette", the leather jacket that Kwan Chiu (played by Gordon Lam Ka-Tung) wore was super cool! In order to pay off the debt of his belated ex-colleague Winston, Chiu struggled to make his ends meet but the costume stylist still chose for him to wear a leather jacket. It definitely shows how indispensable a leather jacket is to men.
To match the mood of the movie, the jacket might have been worn down by using sandpaper to remove the original finish of the leather. I once saw a video showing how a brand new leather jacket was aged by rubbing it against the rocky road while riding a motorcycle. Of course, the most natural way to age a jacket is to wear it.
Many scenes of the movie were shot in Mirador Mansion, where Kam Ma is located. Owing to the structural visuals of the building and its 62 years of history, it really is an ideal choice. Please visit Mirador Mansion and you will be surprised to find many nice spots for great photos.

Bespoke Stone Ground Cowhide Leather Jacket

SKU: BSM00025
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