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George, Hong Kong

Hi. This is George who is the owner of this Trench Coat. First of all, I need to say Thank you so much to They make my wish come true. As you guys know, if you are a big fat guy. You are not easy to buy a Trench Coat as the body shape cannot fit it. But if you can find, they can measure your body size and let you choose the colors, materials....etc, to make your dream Coat. They are very professional to make the leather clothes and you will love it. I will wear this when I go to Japan. Thanks


B.J., Thailand

I happen to know about the company via a friend of mine then I order it after I received the jacket is just the way I want it I am so happy with it and when my girl see me wearing it, she said Mam I want one please. So I think that enough to know how nice of a jacket it was.


Judy  W., Hong Kong

我認識金馬的Raymand及Linda都是好偶然的。最初是抱著試做的心態。 第一條半腰皮裙仍未知他们的真章。一切由一件女大蟒蛇皮衣及併搭的男皮衣開始。他们的最低要求是手工極緻,而剪裁的立體感就盡顯實力!要將一件成品能做出有靈魂有生命感的,這非單有實力才成。當中的心思全在制作中可見。


Mr. Robert H., Hong Kong

 “I came to Kam Ma with a very specific idea of what I wanted in a jacket, and they were able to fulfill my requests to their exact specifications. Linda and her team are masters at their craft, and the final product exceeded my expectations. If you have a garment idea in mind, Kam Ma can bring it to life.”

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