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What are the differences between Kam Ma Leather Garments Workshop and the online shop Kam Ma Leather Jackets?


Size & Fit

Kam Ma Leather Garments Workshop specialises in Bespoke services. Clients can ask for or create their own unique designs and Kam Ma will fulfil them by creating a unique paper pattern after getting their body measurements. A fitting session will be scheduled to ensure that the measurements and details are correct - not only the size and style, but also the trimmings like lining, zippers and buttons - before the actual cutting of the fabrics and sewing will commence.

As for the Online Shop, Kam Ma offers a wide range of sizes and colors. Most importantly, Made-To-Measure services are there for clients to enjoy the so-called Semi-Bespoke services at competitive prices.

Production Lead Time

Bespoke services take around 4-6 weeks as it involves several detailed steps:

1. Discussion on the designs or styles and selection of fabric types, as well as trimming and accompaniments.

2. In-person body measurements are required, especially for clients living in Hong Kong.

3. Fitting sessions are important to ensure the perfect fit. Kam Ma will create a unique set of paper patterns based on the styles and measurements of each client. By using the paper patterns, mock-ups of cotton fabric are created for the clients to try on, visualise and feel the prototype, which allow them to suggest any modifications before the actual production of the final garment.


Kam Ma Leather Jackets online shop simplifies the entire process by offering popular styles in different sizes and colors, which streamlines the production time and shortens it to 3-4 weeks. Even with this shorter turnaround time, Kam Ma emphasises that all Made-To-Order (MTO) or Made-To-Measure(MTM) leather jackets and garments are produced in Hong Kong only.



The sky's the limit for our Bespoke services. Clients can freely discuss their ideas with our experienced artisans and let Kam Ma turn them into reality. The most popular styles of mens leather jackets are available online for your selection. Although there are only four styles on offer, there are a vast range of sizes and colors on offer.


Quality always comes first, be it Bespoke, Made-To-Order (MTO) or Made-To-Measure (MTM). Only premium leather fabrics, the vast majority of which originate from Italy, are used in our garments, while Bemberg, a Japanese brand, is used for our plain lining for all of our online products. Our Bespoke services are slightly different; other than plain color lining, clients are free to choose from our expansive collection of over a hundred different print patterns, and can even provide their own lining, e.g. silk and scarves from designer labels to make your garment 100% original and personal.

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