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Kam Ma has always been located in Hong Kong’s major tourist hub - Tsim Sha Tsui. Majority of the workshop’s clients were tourists around the globe and their stay in Hong Kong was mostly a few days to a week. Our founders, Linda and Raymand often had to work round the clock to complete their products on time.


Maybe due to this business nature - there were two important decisions the couple made which differentiate Kam Ma from other workshops:

[1]  Made in Hong Kong

[2]  Business Comes First


Unlike other players who moved their production basis to China for lower production costs in the 90s, Kam Ma does not want to compromise quality for price and is determined to stick to Hong Kong production. From taking measurements, designing, selecting materials, to production, fitting and fine-tuning, all of these processes are completed according to each customer’s specific requirements. Every single piece of garment is bespoke.



Despite the change in marital status, the couple’s commitment in producing garments of premium quality even grows stronger. Competition from China gets more severe and they need to be very focused to satisfy and exceed their clients’ expectation who put their trust on them. With their total involvement and long working hours in both weekdays and weekends, Linda and Raymand decided not to have a child of their own. Indeed, they have produced thousands of “babies”, as every piece of leather garment is like an unique “child” of theirs.


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