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Kam Ma Bespoke Leather Garments is founded in Hong Kong in 1990, by an artisan couple - Linda Cheng and Raymand Ma.

42 years ago, Linda started out in a leather garment production plant as an apprentice. She was actually 15 when she began to sew. Joined a bit later than Linda, Raymand jumped from site working to garment patterns making shortly after spending approximately 9 months on the sites. Together with a big group of other teens, the 18-year-old Raymand also began his apprenticeship.  

It was said that working in factories was more well-paid than working in offices back then. Apprentices usually worked 6 days per week, earning HK$13-$14 a day, when the price of Hong Kong’s signature bread, “Pineapple Bun” was just HK$0.1 each in those days.

In 1979, Linda went for a job switch from the production plant to the factory where Raymand was working. The two met and soon there were sparkles of affection towards each other. They began dating.

While other young couples thought of forming families, Linda and Raymand shared something bigger in mind - setting up their own company, producing bespoke leather garments. With Raymand’s pattern making skills and Linda’s sewing expertise, the two soon gained much recognition and support from their clients. The couple not only see each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, but as perfect and irreplaceable partners in production. 


Kam Ma Bespoke Leather Garments was officially established in 1990 and the two young “See Fu”s tied their knots in 1996.

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