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Q: Address and working hours?

A: D1, 7/F, Mirador Mansion, 54-56B Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong 

Mon-Sat: 10:30 – 22:30
Sun: 14:00 – 18:00
Booking via Website: https://www.kam-ma-leathergarments/
Booking via Whatsapp number: +852 6144 1583 (Miss Lam)


Q: Is it a must to book in advance? 

A: Booking is highly recommended.  Apart from artisans working outside occasionally, Kam Ma also hopes to focus on each client in a specified time period without interruption.

Q: Is it possible to book a meeting for enquiries? 

A: Yes. Kam Ma provides a 30-minute free session.

Q: What are the steps and how long will the process take?


A: Online booking or Whatsapp booking – Meet at our workshop for enquiries, measuring and selection of materials.

After measurement, approximate 1-2 weeks for fitting.
After fitting, approximate 2-3 weeks for collection of finished product. 
Overall 3-5 weeks from start to finish.

Q: Is it possible to shorten the production time? 

A: Yes, but with additional charge. 

Q: For first-time clients, how much time should they reserve ?

A: Please allow 45 minutes for us to fully understand your requirements. Kam Ma will provide advice and/or communicate with the clients. In addition, they can choose their preferred leather fabrics, colors and other accessories like lining and buttons. Then artisans will take your measurements. The second visit will take less time, roughly 15-30 minutes. 

Q: If we are unable to come in person, can Kam Ma come to us? 

A: Yes. In truth, Kam Ma’s previous clients include famous personalities, superstars, songstresses, internationally renowned people and more. They have different reasons for not being able to come to the workshop, and therefore we are able to offer this service. 


Q: How can you guarantee a good bespoke jacket?

A: The first time a client comes to Kam Ma, an experienced artisan will take his measurements. Kam Ma will follow each client’s unique body shape, measurements and style to create a bespoke paper pattern. Afterwards, they will follow the patterns to create a mock-up for the client to try on. Upon putting it on, the client can clearly see and feel whether any adjustments are needed. The artisan will also offer expert advice. Apart from the measurements, other details like position of the pockets and number of buttons, lining and embroidered name can also be reconfirmed during the fitting session. Once the client is satisfied and gives their approval, Kam Ma will then start the cutting of the leather and other production steps.

Q: What is the cost of ordering a bespoke garment? 

A: Because each leather garment is bespoke, the style, choice of material and size will always vary a lot. Take for example a basic male jacket in lambskin with an average size is about HK$6000 up. A female jacket will generally be slightly cheaper.

Q: Are all the leather jackets / garments made in Hong Kong?


A: Yes. All of the leather jackets / garments produced by Kam Ma are made in Hong Kong. All the steps are personally carried out by the 2 artisans with over 40 years of experience. Kam Ma will not outsource any part of the creation process to Mainland China just to increase their profit margin, which means that your every cent is used in the creation of your bespoke jacket. 


Q: Where does the leather come from?

A: Lambskin and cowskin mainly come from Italy and Spain. Other specialized materials may come from Thailand, South Africa and other countries. 

Q: What brand is the lining? 

A: Kam Ma only uses the high-quality brand Bemberg. If a client has a custom lining in mind, like using real silk or a designer brand scarf as the lining, Kam Ma is happy to incorporate that instead. 

Q: Can other accessories be customized to our liking?


A: Other than the usual matching color lining, Kam Ma also has over a hundred different patterns for the client to select from. Clients can also choose their own accessories like buttons, buckles and zippers. In addition to the traditional YKK, clients nowadays have opted for higher-quality swiss RIRI zippers. Different colors and sizes can also be chosen according to the client’s preference. 

Q: I want to order a leather jacket, but not sure which fabric is the best?

A: Kam Ma can help clients select according to their needs and preferred style by providing expert advice, as well as allow clients to instantly feel and select different materials and colors.

Q: Besides leather, can Kam Ma use other materials to make a jacket?

A: Yes. Although Kam Ma specializes in leather garments, due to the artisan’s experience, recently more and more clients have requested that they use different materials such as linen, cashmere, wool and denim for their jackets / garments. If there are any specialized materials you want, feel free to discuss with Kam Ma. Kam Ma is progressing with the times, and is happy to take on new challenges to fulfil the clients’ every need.

Q: Can clients provide their own material?

A: Yes. As there are many types of material, Kam Ma is unable to keep stock and inventory of every variant. However, if the client has a special request, Kam Ma will fulfil it to the best of their capability.


Q: Can clients choose any style?

A: Basically, yes. Clients can use different methods to explain what style they desire, like using pictures as reference, and then adjusting as necessary. They can also draw or simply tell Kam Ma what they want, and allow Kam Ma to draw for them.

Q: Can Kam Ma replicate a jacket I like, but make adjustments according to my preference?

A: Yes.

Q: If I want to order another identical jacket, but in a different color, do I still have to arrive in person?


A: No. Kam Ma will already have your measurements and keep your set of paper patterns.


Q: Can Kam Ma customize or repair leather jackets?

A: Yes. 

Q: Can I bring a jacket that is important to me, but is old / slightly damaged for repair?

A: Kam Ma understands that some jackets have hidden meaning to clients and welcome them to leave it with Kam Ma for repairs. Kam Ma will strive to meet the requirements given by the clients. Indeed upcycling is good for the environment too.

Q: If there is a change in body shape, can Kam Ma make changes to the jackets accordingly?


A: Due to the uniqueness of the leather fabric, making changes is not as simple as regular fabrics. However, Kam Ma will try their utmost to meet clients’ expectations.


Q: If I live overseas, how do I place an order?

A: Clients can contact Kam Ma via email, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and provide images, height, weight and preferred style via pictures or other methods.  Clients can take their measurements by following the guide on our website. If there is a need, Kam Ma can also contact you via online meeting. In order to strive for perfection, Kam Ma will also create a set of bespoke paper patterns for every client even if they are overseas, and will deliver them to their doorstep. After trying it on, clients can send Kam Ma pictures and discuss any potential changes. Above all, customers' total satisfaction is our goal.

Q: What method is used to send the jacket?

A: Usually, DHL is used. If the client wants to use another means, this is also fine. Because all prices are quoted on an ex-factory basis, all postal charges are paid by the clients.

Q: Will the price include import tax?


A: As each country’s import tax is different, Kam Ma is not able to do so.


Q: Is there a maintenance service?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: As each jacket is tailor-made, Kam Ma is not able to provide this service.

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