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The Making of a Bespoke Leather Biker Jacket

We edited a clip of how a biker jacket is produced by our tailors from scratch. Almost every jacket has a front, back, collar, sleeves, pockets and lining, and this particular piece got padded shoulders and elbow, plus extra zippers. It is hard to imagine the countless steps in the production process, let’s check out how this biker jacket is made from paper pattern, to sewing and to finish.

早前,我們剪輯了一條師傅製作一位客人的Biker Jacket的影片。一般外衣都有前幅、後幅、衣領、衣袖、口袋及內裡的部份,而這件外套更配以立體肩膊及衣袖和多拉鍊的設計。步驟繁複,讓我們由繪畫紙樣、到製作及縫紉不同部份、到完成,一一了解!


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