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這是我們根據客人提供的照片而造的羊麂Bomber Jacket。Bomber Jacket是飛行夾克的一種。顧名思義,這款外衣最初是為飛行員設計的;現在,它已成為流行文化和服裝的重要一員!圖中,客人訂製的Bomber Jacket還配以出入境蓋章圖案綿質內裡,不失本來飛行的主題!

【Made to Order】

This is a lamb suede bomber jacket we produced based on a picture the customer provided. Bomber jacket belongs to the flight jacket family, and was originally designed for pilots. It is now part of the popular culture and apparel. In this piece, the customer particularly picked a cotton lining filled with passport stamps, corresponding the whole aviation theme.

Brown Lamb Suede Leather Bomber Jacket

SKU: BBM00009
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