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Harold, HK

I have long been looking for the leather jacket but cannot find the perfect match of the material and cutting.
After I watched the Viutv variety show, I know Kam Ma and I love the concept of craftsmanship and made-in-HK.
I contacted Kam ma via the website enquiry form and have the reply in a short period.
Arranged for the visit for design and fitting.
In around 2 weeks, I have my mock up ready to try which I could see if any adjustments to have.
The whole process is faster than I thought, in around 8 weeks, I get my biker leather jacket.
It’s good in terms of the quality, size and details of design as I requested.
It is a really nice experience and Kam Ma did show the patience for listening to my opinion and turn into the final product.


Hugo Tsao, Taiwan


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