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Mr. Chang, Hong Kong

I have had 4-5 jackets made by Kam Ma, in both wool and linen. Linda and Raymand are so professional that they provide precise measurement and make fine adjustment during the fitting of the trial sample. 

All the craftmenship and details are good, but what’s more important is that their attitude towards the productions, willingness to try and their knowledge on different materials. I have asked them to make me an overcoat in waxes cotton, which I believe they would be the first to commission such a waxed cotton coat in HK.  The can-do attitude is what I value the most among their services, you will find it so happy while discussing the feasibility of making and some technical things with Linda and Raymand.

They also pay attention to the details, especially the lining, making of button holes and the embroidery of your name inside the jacket (if you want, you can try the Chinese characters which I find it’s quite personalise). 

If you are looking for some very special design and jackets with best price-quality ratio, I would recommend you Kam Ma for your try.


Anonymous, United States

[English Version]

We have known KAM MA - Raymand and Linda Ma since 2008 when my boss Mr. Harouche  started to custom-made his leather jackets. Through the years he has ordered over 100 leather jackets from KAM MA and most of them are masterpieces. Raymand and Linda are very professional and both of them have profound experience in making leather jackets. Their expertise has been proven through their skills- cutting and workmanship. The products of KAM MA are value for money and I will not hesitate to recommend  KAM MA to my friends.

[Chinese Version]

我們在2008年認識金馬- Raymand 和 Linda Ma。我老闆 Mr. Harouche 十多年來從金馬訂購應該不少於100件皮夾,其中大有上盛之作。 Raymand 和 Linda非常專業,他們擁有豐富製造皮夾的經驗。他們的專業知識通過剪裁和製作得到證明。金馬的產品都是物超所值,金馬是非常值得推薦。


Sunny C., Hong Kong

[Chinese Version]





[English Version]
It has been my wish for years to have  a leather jacket exactly like the one worn by Gerry in P.S. I love you.  Several months ago, a casual search online led me to Kam Ma Leather Garments Workshop, as well as the pleasure of getting to know Bonnie, Raymand and Linda. 

Thanks to Bonnie’s detailed analysis of the design of Gerry’s jacket, as well as Linda’s and Raymand’s professional input and exquisite craftsmanship, it took no more than 20 days for the jacket to be recreated -  a jacket which had only appeared in movies with none for sale on the market - with remarkable precision in the production process.  Now I really look forward to the winter so I can wear this beautiful jacket as much as I want, and reminisce about the movie’s romantic scenes. Thank you Kam Ma.

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