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Q: If I live overseas, how do I place an order?

A: Clients can contact Kam Ma via email, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and provide images, height, weight and preferred style via pictures or other methods.  Clients can take their measurements by following the guide on our website. If there is a need, Kam Ma can also contact you via online meeting. In order to strive for perfection, Kam Ma will also create a set of bespoke paper patterns for every client even if they are overseas, and will deliver them to their doorstep. After trying it on, clients can send Kam Ma pictures and discuss any potential changes. Above all, customers' total satisfaction is our goal.

Q: What method is used to send the jacket?

A: Usually, DHL is used. If the client wants to use another means, this is also fine. Because all prices are quoted on an ex-factory basis, all postal charges are paid by the clients.

Q: Will the price include import tax?


A: As each country’s import tax is different, Kam Ma is not able to do so.

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