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Q: Is it a must to book in advance? 

A: Booking is highly recommended.  Apart from artisans working outside occasionally, Kam Ma also hopes to focus on each client in a specified time period without interruption.

Q: Is it possible to book a meeting for enquiries? 

A: Yes. Kam Ma provides a 30-minute free session.

Q: What are the steps and how long will the process take?


A: Online booking or Whatsapp booking – Meet at our workshop for enquiries, measuring and selection of materials.

After measurement, approximate 1-2 weeks for fitting.
After fitting, approximate 2-3 weeks for collection of finished product. 
Overall 3-5 weeks from start to finish.

Q: Is it possible to shorten the production time? 

A: Yes, but with additional charge. 

Q: For first-time clients, how much time should they reserve ?

A: Please allow 45 minutes for us to fully understand your requirements. Kam Ma will provide advice and/or communicate with the clients. In addition, they can choose their preferred leather fabrics, colors and other accessories like lining and buttons. Then artisans will take your measurements. The second visit will take less time, roughly 15-30 minutes. 

Q: If we are unable to come in person, can Kam Ma come to us? 

A: Yes. In truth, Kam Ma’s previous clients include famous personalities, superstars, songstresses, internationally renowned people and more. They have different reasons for not being able to come to the workshop, and therefore we are able to offer this service. 

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