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Q: Where does the leather come from?

A: Lambskin and cowskin mainly come from Italy and Spain. Other specialized materials may come from Thailand, South Africa and other countries. 

Q: What brand is the lining? 

A: Kam Ma only uses the high-quality brand Bemberg. If a client has a custom lining in mind, like using real silk or a designer brand scarf as the lining, Kam Ma is happy to incorporate that instead. 

Q: Can other accessories be customized to our liking?


A: Other than the usual matching color lining, Kam Ma also has over a hundred different patterns for the client to select from. Clients can also choose their own accessories like buttons, buckles and zippers. In addition to the traditional YKK, clients nowadays have opted for higher-quality swiss RIRI zippers. Different colors and sizes can also be chosen according to the client’s preference. 

Q: I want to order a leather jacket, but not sure which fabric is the best?

A: Kam Ma can help clients select according to their needs and preferred style by providing expert advice, as well as allow clients to instantly feel and select different materials and colors.

Q: Besides leather, can Kam Ma use other materials to make a jacket?

A: Yes. Although Kam Ma specializes in leather garments, due to the artisan’s experience, recently more and more clients have requested that they use different materials such as linen, cashmere, wool and denim for their jackets / garments. If there are any specialized materials you want, feel free to discuss with Kam Ma. Kam Ma is progressing with the times, and is happy to take on new challenges to fulfil the clients’ every need.

Q: Can clients provide their own material?

A: Yes. As there are many types of material, Kam Ma is unable to keep stock and inventory of every variant. However, if the client has a special request, Kam Ma will fulfil it to the best of their capability.

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