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Q: How can you guarantee a good bespoke jacket?

A: The first time a client comes to Kam Ma, an experienced artisan will take his measurements. Kam Ma will follow each client’s unique body shape, measurements and style to create a bespoke paper pattern. Afterwards, they will follow the patterns to create a mock-up for the client to try on. Upon putting it on, the client can clearly see and feel whether any adjustments are needed. The artisan will also offer expert advice. Apart from the measurements, other details like position of the pockets and number of buttons, lining and embroidered name can also be reconfirmed during the fitting session. Once the client is satisfied and gives their approval, Kam Ma will then start the cutting of the leather and other production steps.

Q: What is the cost of ordering a bespoke garment? 

A: Because each leather garment is bespoke, the style, choice of material and size will always vary a lot. Take for example a basic male jacket with an average size is about HK$5500. A female jacket will generally be slightly cheaper.

Q: Are all the leather jackets / garments made in Hong Kong?


A: Yes. All of the leather jackets / garments produced by Kam Ma are made in Hong Kong. All the steps are personally carried out by the 2 artisans with over 40 years of experience. Kam Ma will not outsource any part of the creation process to Mainland China just to increase their profit margin, which means that your every cent is used in the creation of your bespoke jacket. 

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